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I’d like to share more about my approach to portrait photography. My philosophy about portraits is different than what you may have experienced before when working with a photographer. I believe in offering a higher level of customer service and heirloom quality artwork for you to enjoy.


A full service experience

My goal in offering a full service experience is building a good relationship with you and serving you the best that I can.

This starts with a consult before the session. I want to hear your ideas and goals for the session and share more about what I offer. This conversation will help me to plan your custom portrait session.

When the session arrives, I strive to provide a good experience for you. I’ll give guidance for natural looking posing with an emphasis on showing connection and capturing your personality.

The next step is an in-person ordering appointment where you see your images and choose your artwork. I’ll answer any questions you have and help you with the decision making process. You will be able to see and touch artwork samples and review the selection of frames.


Heirloom quality artwork

On a practical level, I’ve chosen to focus on offering artwork because it ensures your memories will be preserved for many years. Digital files, on the other hand, can become corrupted or lost as technology changes. In short, artwork is archival and files are not. 

Another benefit of artwork is that it is a finished, high quality product. I’d rather provide a finished piece of artwork for you and files don’t deliver that. For your convenience, I offer framed prints that are ready to hang. Also, by taking care of the printing through professional labs, you will receive the best quality available.

Most importantly, portrait artwork creates a stronger bond between loved ones. Artwork adds beauty and warmth to a home. Every time a couple or family walks by their wall art or views an album it gives them joy. Portraits also increase a child’s self-esteem and reinforce the idea that they are special and loved.

This is truly at the heart of my portrait business — celebrating your loved ones and preserving your memories with artwork that will last a lifetime.



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